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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  October 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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now at 6:00. drivers pay their respects to the tow truck driver killed on the job. good evening everyone, i'm john sabol. >> and thank you for joining us. i'm serena susan. dozens of tow trucked lines asian 75 this everyone -- trucked lined i-75 this afternoon. >> troy mcguire died two weeks ago after a suspected drunk driver hit and killed him while he loaded up his vehicle. as jake peterson shows us drivers hope to raise awareness and lives. >> it's a lifestyle.
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>> reporter: tow truck drivers know the risk. >> the racing 90 miles per hour down the interstate and you're right there. >> every one of us out here jumped on the wac of the -- back of the truck more times than you can count pause we don't want to get hit. >> reporter: despite the possible danger they love to do this job. >> we're here taking care of maybe your grandmother or your father or some friend of yours, move over. >> reporter: ginger darling organized sunday's ride for troy mcguire. they rode past the site where he was killed. >> when i see this, it's very emotional. because it goes to show you we're competitors but we're family. >> reporter: some of these drivers never even met troy. but several like josh worked aiming long side him. >> if -- alongside him. >> if he seen you in a bad mood, he would say something and make you laugh and he would not leave you alone until he see you laugh. >> reporter: but now his laughter is gone after being hit by a driver. tow truck operators hope his death will encourage people to obey the move over law. when you see the emergency
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the law requires you to move over a lane or if you can't drop the speed 20 miles below the speed limit. >> please give us room to work. >> reporter: she knows she probably will have to organize another ride. >> i have probably done 20 of them or more over the years. probably do more of these. >> reporter: reporting in peterson, abc action news. >> these two men facing charges tonight including dui and trying to flee from deputies in palm hour bar. it was -- harbor. it was saturday night on u.s. 19 north and deputies spotted anthony lockenard driving erratically. he kept going crashing into another car and then trying to flee from the collision. they caught him after his car broke down a short distance away. hi and his passenger kyle smith face charges after deputies found a stolen gun and drugs temperature people in the other poor -- drugs. the people other in the other
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they need help identifying the man in these photos in pasco county. here you see him robbing a walgreens and then hoeing the store more at gunpoint. he may have gotten into a getaway car. kyle stoppers is offering up to a $3,000 reward for any information. wow. what a picture-perfect day today. we topped out at 79 degrees after an early morning low of 54. so chilly around the bay area. what's ahead? as we go through the next couple cool tonight. in fact, our temperatures will only drop to about 60 in tampa. moderating throughout the bay area. probably about five degrees warmer than what we saw this morning. in the early morning hours. slightly warmer also on monday by a couple of degrees and then we're going to be dry for several days. we don't see a chance of rain until about thursday. here's a look at the current conditions right now across the bay area. again we topped out 79 in tampa right now tampa is at 78.
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down the temperatures are going to drop but again not as cool as last night. 74 right now in crystal river and 79 in sarasota. and 76 in bartow. so here's the look at your fall headlines. again, chilly but not as cool in the overnight hours. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. dry and comfortable and our high tomorrow top out at about 81 degrees. an absolutely gorgeous day once again. with low humidity and our temperatures will be temperatures are going to go up a little bit and more and then by midweek we're going to be back to about normal. i'll tell you more about your seven day forecast and what you can expect as far as precipitation coming up in just a little bit. guys? all right debra thanks. early voting now starts in many florida counties beginning tomorrow. >> abc action news reporter cara moshok is live.
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several people starting to make their way in here tonight. two big national groups are going to be out here and the message a big part of it not only to get to the polls and vote but to vote early such a huge push for that especially in recent years. christian voters are considered pretty important for both side. that's why the vote the values tour is going across the country especially trying to get the attention of voters in swing states like florida. group says the election is about more than just a candidates and the next could be putting in three supreme court justices. with so options to vote early now and avoid the big lines, many big groups encouraging you to vote early by mile or the -- mail or the early voting sites. in of that starting -- many of that starting tomorrow. here in hillsborough county records are already on pace to
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presidential election. reporting live here in tampa, abc action news. thank you. new tonight, miami misare looking for the woman behind a shooting injuring three people. one of the victims a 12-year- old boy. police say he was shot right outside of his home saturday night. near roberto clement tea park. a 17 and -- park. a 17 and 20-year-old were robbed and shot after giving up their items and you can see the neighbors tending to the victims here. the shooter is stilledden the -- is a bizarre story in jacksonville, a woman's cat is killed with a bow and arrow. sarah trump says he found she -- she found her cat dead and she believes it's the same person who was responsible for shooting and killing two other family cats in the past. the nassau county sheriff's office is now stepping in to investigate this. and getting prescription drugs off the streets but family called operation pill
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the majority of abusers get the drugs the family and -- from family and friends' medicine cabinets and drawers can tables. this week a location is -- if you want more information just head to the website at still ahead on news nudes at 6:00 -- abc action news at 6:00. dramatic shift a new poll giving hillary clinton her biggest lead in the election. the upper hand all over two moves by donald trump. >> and shocking video, a 7-year- old punched at school
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welcome back. a developing story.
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crash in california. at least 22 people there were hurt. a bus dried with tractor- trailer -- collided with that tractor-trailer this morning. continue to stay with us as the story develops. shocking video out of da that may have you looking twice to make sure it's what you're seeing. it's an adult punching a 7-year- old boy in a school hallway. the boy slumping over as you see while the parent just walks away. the mom asked for the surveillance video she is shocked saying they have had positive interaction from the past. police are investigating. still ahead on action news at 6:00 we'll update you on the niners game in san francisco and the bolts are way ahead of the winning ways compared to last year at this time.
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in democracy 016 a shift in the race for president. a new abc "washington post" poll shows hillary clinton vaulting to a double digit lead. her highest yet.
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her opponent. likely voters disapprove of donald trump's treatment to women after the recent leap of an audiotape capturing crude comments. the poll puts clinton 12 points ahead in the national survey. that's the highest support and his lowest to date. the last poll in october put clinton up by four points. former president bill cl pines jewish center in pembroke pines. he says voting in this u.s. election will be a true test of america's character. right now donald trump is threatening to sue the women accusing him of sexual misconduct. trump lasted them as a recent speech in getties burke saying the -- gettysburg saying the women are lying. a new woman has now come forward. adult film star jessica drake
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ten years ago. she is now being represented by gloria allred. while today conway appeared on cnn's state of the union and wouldn't say if she knew about trump's plan in advance. conway only said trump has the privilege to say what he wants. well, the chicago cubs historic cool big win last night -- historical pig win last night still getting major atte congratulating the team on twitter, former miami heat player dwyane wade and first lady michelle obama also took to ritter. hillary clinton's traveling -- twitter. hillary clinton's traveling press secretary even tweeted the moment. she was the team's first -- this was the team's first world series in 71 years. looks like a chilly night
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area. >> it really was. i mean i put the sweater on and even turned the heat on in my car for a minute. [ laughter ] >> that cold? this was 54 degrees in tampa. >> yeah. pretty cool. it's a beautiful day though across the bay area. just a gorgeous day. out on the beach. lots of sunshine. and our high temperatures today? topped out at 79 degrees. here's a look at our almanac again 54 was the early low is 66. the record low for this time of year is 47 degrees. here's a look at the current conditions right now. we're in the low or -- mid- to upper 70s. all across the bay area. again, those temperatures will begin to drop as sun sets. which is right around 7:30 mark. but not as much as what we saw in the early morning hours today. here's a look at what we can expect for tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the 50s.
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this morning there hit 0 degrees though -- 40 degrees though. certainly the temperatures are starting to moderate and slowly come up in the early morning hours but look across the sate. you can see the differences with the northern and southern spatter part of the -- part of the state. about a 25-degree difference with tallahassee and key west. that cooler air never made it down the peninsula. over the next couple of days right now the winds are out of become more easterly we're going to start to see not only a warm-up but a slight increase in moisture as we pull in the moisture from the atlantic. our rain chances though don't increase until thursday though you can see titan titan doppler radar -- titan doppler radar no rain on the radar and we don't expect any over the next several days. here's a look at the water vapor loop. you can still see lot in the way of dry air but there's a
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direction and again that's in the upper levels of the atmosphere. add that to the lower level moisture we expect later in the week can our rain chances -- and our rain chances increase just slightly on thursday friday and saturday. in the meantime though, our fall forecast looks fantastic. chilly but not as cold this evening. still i think cool enough to bring a jacket or sweater for sure. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. dry and comfortable our high temperature will top out 81 and that's a couple of deg maybe a cloud or two when we see that easterly wind bringing a little bit of the moisture across the state and then in the evening every night the tvs will moderate -- temperatures will moderate just a little bit and just slight increase in humidity. still dry and beautiful throughout the week. tropical development. not expected by the national hurricane center in the next
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to 75 which is great news for hurricanes because hurricanes really need 80 degrees to really get churning. so that's good news for us. winds out of the northeast for boaters 10 to 15 knots tomorrow. sees 2 -- seas # feet or less and here's the tides. next high tide at 11:30 p.m., here's the forecast. this evening, 60 degrees is our low. so chilly but not as cool as what we've seen in the last couple of nights and then, in the afternoon tomorrow slightly warmer. here's a look at your seven day forecast. little warm up slightly into the workweek and those early morning lows warm up as well but no rain in the forecast until late in the week. guys? winning on the west coast has been a challenge for the tampa bay buccaneers just 5-14 since 2002 when playing on the west coast.
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francisco. bucs looking to buck that trend this afternoon and so far, through three quarters they're doing a good job. leading the niners 27-14 in the third. but get this, the bucs actually trail quickly by 14 way back in the first quarter but rallied and so far have scored 27 unanswered. winston and rogers have racked up a combined 300 plus yards and the bucs 350 yards of total offense. we'll on action news at 1,. next up the silver and black, raiders and jacksonville today. murray barrelings into the end zone for the touchdown. probably should have put him in my fantasy league. before the half though, derek carr going on third and five. to the end zone and michael crabtree is there to haul it in on 2-yard line. next play the touchdown pass and at least i started --
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and they were pretty dangerous. the bucs play next week at oakland. the bucs will play the saints twice and chiefs once before the season is over. saints and kc today. drew brees over the middle and tip and picked off. that's sorenson returning it 48 yards to the house. then before the half, kansas city driving and smith going deep down the sidelines. some pushing and shoving but somehow kill breaks free and the chiefs win and new orleans is now 2-4 on the year. final nfl stop takes us to south utes beach. got to love that new painted end zone. speaking of the gorgeous end zone, miami finds it. touchdown fins. same score in the fourth. williams carries about four buffalo defenders into the paint. what a run.
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start last season and injuries played a big role in that which caused the lining to have a lack of scoring. fast forward to this season. it's been the exact opposite. bolts are healthy with the exception of ryan callahan will be returning soon by the way and the lining scoring in bunches and they did it last night. think beat ott are -- they beat ottawa 4-1 thanks to three power play goals. bolts are now 4-# on the young season and already have eight they didn't do until the ninth game last season. they're going to need that type of offense the rest of this road trip as well as capitalizing on the power play in order to come out with more points. >> we have to be a threat. especially with our defensemen up there that our shots can't be coming from the flanks and you know we have some at the top and that keeps penalty kills honest.
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often from there. the power play had been dry for a couple of games, when we needed it big for us tonight. before continuing its six game road trip on tuesday in toronto. this is one of the longest road trips of the year, good to get it out of the way now. in october. bolts' next home game by the way is november 3rd against boston. keep it here, more news
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welshing beautiful weather -- well, beautiful water continues into the workweek. still drop down to 60 degrees in tram pa. so -- tampa. so definitely will be a chilly one and then warming up slowly into the workweek. >> thank you so much for
6:27 pm >> thanks for watching, we'll see you back here tonight at
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welcome welcome to "world news tonight." we're following a mass casualty event on an american highway. the tour bus ramming into a semi truck. at least 13 killed, do the highway shut down for hours. investigators now on the scene. fight to the finish. donald trump, losing ground in the polls. now, his own campaign staff acknowledging he's falling behind. all-out assault. the new offensive against isis,. backed by u.s.-led air strikes. the fight to liberate the terror group's biggest stronghold in


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